Retailer Increases Customer Engagement With Bluetooth Beacons

By Doug

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Lifestyle retailer Alex and Ani has deployed Bluetooth beacon technology at all 40 of its branded stores as a means of better reaching out to customers with a “virtual tap on the shoulder.” In so doing, the multi-channel retailer hopes to better engage with customers, by sharing content and sending data directly to their mobile phones while they shop. The solution consists of one to three beacons at each store that transmit a unique ID number to customers’ phones. If a shopper has the In-Store Explorer application running on his or her handset, that individual can receive product information on the phone, based on the in-store location of that beacon (and, thus, that customer), while the store can collect information regarding customer interest and traffic. Learn how the technology enables the retailer to get customers’ attention as soon as they arrive, and to help them find the products they seek.