Moscow Metro Uses RFID-Enabled Tickets to Improve Customer Experience

By Doug

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Moscow, the capital of the Russian Federation, may well be one of the world’s 10 most congested cities. The Moscow Metro typically carries 9 million passengers daily and, to help solve the congestion problems, has implemented a universal transportation contactless-payment system that can accommodate more than 50 types of RFID-enabled tickets. The newly introduced universal rechargeable commute RFID card, known as “Troika,” has sold more than 1 million units in just the first 10 months since its introduction. Learn how Moscow Metro incorporates 13.56 MHz paper labels into its paper tickets, which are used once and then discarded by riders at the end of each trip. The ticket’s RFID tag, which complies with the ISO 14443 RFID standard, is read at the gate as each passenger enters a subway platform.