BCA Marketplace is the United Kingdom’s and Europe’s largest outsource service provider operating in the automotive sector to deliver remarketing, vehicle preparation and logistics services to major OEMs. The company is employing a passive RFID solution to track vehicles and control processes at the Port of Immingham, on England’s east coast. This is a key part of the automotive supply chain as vehicles are imported, prepared and delivered to retail locations. The solution is based on BCA’s in-house IT operating platform, Evolution, integrated with a range of mobile and fixed RFID readers, and an EPC Gen 2 passive UHF RFID tag attached to each vehicle. The firm deployed the RFID system to enhance the visibility of vehicle inventory, as well as increase efficiency and control daily transactions worth more than £10 million. Learn how the solution helps BCA ensure that processes remain error-free and transparent throughout every stage of the automotive supply chain, while unlocking labor savings through automated inventory counts and vehicle tracking.