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EPC Technology News

  • RFID Consortium Readies to Launch First Licenses

    Four years in the making, the consortium recently appointed a new administrator and, within the next two months, expects to offer licenses for its pool of patents related to passive UHF RFID.

  • Chinese Banks Track Assets, Cash and VIP Customers

    China Construction Bank is using EPC Gen 2 tags to monitor servers at its data center, while the Bank of China is employing active 433 MHz tags to identify the arrival of cashboxes and important clients at its branches.

  • Sticki System Uses RFID to Acquire and Retain Customers

    The Targeted Group's solution, based on EPC Gen 2 RFID technology, can be customized to work in a variety of applications to improve sales and customer service.

  • RFID Helps Ringnes Track Beverage Shipping Containers

    The Norwegian beverage maker is using EPC Gen 2 UHF RFID tags to track its reusable containers as they are shipped, filled with products, to retailers, and then returned empty to its distribution center.

  • Taiwan Customs Officials Adopt RFID-enabled Container Seals

    Officials at Kaohsiung Harbor, Taiwan's busiest port, have introduced the seals with EPC Gen 2 chips to improve security and reduce the need for officers to escort cargo containers.

  • Coca-Cola Bottle Maker Adds RFID to the Mix

    Southeastern Container is leveraging an EPC Gen 2 RFID system to track thousands of bins packed with plastic tubes used to make soda bottles.

  • MIT Research Lab Taps RFID to Manage Files

    The Research Laboratory of Electronics is using an EPC Gen 2 RFID system from Barcoding Inc. to manage thousands of funding proposals and other paper documents.

  • EPC Connection Product Roundup

    Impinj announces high-octane firmware; Intel-powered RFID readers emerging; Adasa's hands-free RFID tag creation and application; HP announces solution to link BizTalk with SAP's Auto-ID Infrastructure; RFID device makers leverage open source to interface with IBM; RSI ID Technologies unveils tamper-evident RFID tag.

  • Metro Group's Galeria Kaufhof Launches UHF Item-Level Pilot

    The project involves the application of EPC tags to individual garments and the use of RFID-enabled dressing rooms and displays and a smart mirror. The participants say this is the world's first end-to-end UHF item-level application.

  • Intel Announces UHF Reader Radio Chip

    Intel has shrunk many of an interrogator's critical components onto a single chip, which manufacturers can use to make more compact, power-efficient readers. Other chipmakers are also making reader chips.

  • ThingMagic Unveils Mercury5 RFID Reader

    The new interrogator offers the same functions as the Mercury4, plus added interference filtering.

  • New ETSI RFID Rules Move Forward

    European regulators have agreed to allow RFID readers to operate in a wider band and with more power, but some issues remain around slower data transfer rates.

  • Zebra Licenses ThingMagic Reader

    Slated for release this year, Zebra Technologies' new line of RFID printers-encoders will feature ThingMagic's latest embedded RFID reader, the Mercury4e.

  • MET Labs to Test Gen 2 Hardware

    EPCglobal chooses MET Laboratories to conduct hardware conformance and interoperability testing once EPCglobal ratifies its Generation 2 standards specification.

  • EMS Debuts Passive UHF Tag, Reader

    Escort Memory Systems designed its first ultra-high frequency RFID system specifically for harsh, high-temp industrial environments.

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