Reinforcing Quality Assurance

SML has received ARC Quality Certification from the Auburn University RFID Lab for its efforts to accelerate item-level RFID adoption.
Published: July 6, 2023

SML Group, one of the radio frequency identification (RFID) industry’s leading providers of digital identification and label solutions, has received Auburn Radio Compliance (ARC) Quality Certification for 2023. This certification, awarded by the Auburn University RFID Lab, signifies that the company can uphold “the highest quality assurance for its customers and accelerate item-level RFID adoption across industry segments.” The RFID Lab is widely recognized throughout the RFID world as a credible independent organization for benchmarking and certification of inlays and tags.

Rich HandleyIn the past decade-plus, Auburn’s RFID Lab has approved more than 40 of SML’s inlay models, indicating the firm’s prominence in the area of designing and manufacturing high-quality, high-performing RFID inlays. SML has been on the lab’s advisory board since 2016, and it has actively engaged in the organization’s initiatives on behalf of the industry regarding quality and performance. As one of the largest providers of encoded RFID tags by volume, SML has produced more than 12 billion tags to date, and the company reports that its Clarity platform has managed 475 million RFID reads within a single week.

Ignatius K.C. Lau, SML Group’s CEO, commented on the certification in a prepared statement: “We are honored to have received the certification, which serves as a testament to our steadfast commitment to driving innovation and quality assurance for our customers. From high-quality in-house inlays and tags to cutting-edge software, SML covers the entire RFID ecosystem that is targeted on delivering dependable encoded RFID tags that support customers’ use cases, a critical basis for any RFID business case. We will continually strive to serve customers more effectively through the next phase of item-level RFID growth.”

With RFID technology adoption growing across a wide variety of sectors, SML’s ARC Quality certification comes at a good time. It will enable SML Group to instill confidence in its customers regarding the dependability of its tags and inlays, and it will strengthen the firm’s ability to provide solutions through its global service bureau network, to help users promote sustainability, decrease lead times and streamline logistics. Congratulations to SML for this well-earned achievement.

Rich Handley is the editor of RFID Journal and has been with the company since 2005. Outside the RFID world, Rich has authored, edited or contributed to numerous books about pop culture. You can contact Rich via email.