Current World Scenario Increases Demand for Smart Packaging

By Edson Perin

Speakers on IoP Journal World's international panel concluded that opportunities for Internet of Packaging deployments are on the rise in businesses across a range of industries.


Identification and tracking are the basis for guaranteeing the authenticity of products, enhancing the customer experience and promoting sustainability, allowing progress toward attaining a circular economy. This was a common point made during the first panel of the  IoP Journal World 2020 virtual conference, which was held on Nov. 12. The event started with the international panel “Smart Packaging Beyond Tracking,” mediated by Paula Valério from  Sincpress, which explored how to take smart packaging beyond the boundaries of identification and tracking processes.

International authorities who spoke during the conference included Mark Roberti, RFID Journal’s founder and editor, who is considered the Pope of RFID and Internet of Things technologies; Iván Gonzales, a specialist in sustainable smart packaging, with a successful use case at  Carrefour in Spain; Andrew Manly, from the  AIPIA Smart Packaging Industry Association in the Netherlands; Regiane Relva Romano, representing  Brazil’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation; and Roberto Matsubayashi, a specialist in identification and tracking standards, and the director of  GS1 Brasil. You can watch a summary of the international panel  here. (Note: the recording is in Portuguese.)

Six success stories were showcased during the 2020 IoP Journal Awards. The successful cases were chosen from among 14 applicants by a jury formed by professors Fernando Rangel de Sousa (UFSC), Glauco Fontgalland (UFCG), Jean Louis Silva Santos (IFS) and Marcelo Lubaszewski (UFRGS). The winning case in the popular vote was that of  ID-Cotton.

The conference, sponsored by Sincpress, iTag, 4Next, Avery Dennison, Hasar Brasil and Impinj, showed the practical experiences and advances in the use of technologies such as radio frequency identification, digital printing, augmented reality, QR codes, barcodes and more, which generate benefits for the different participating companies in numerous sectors. As a result, the audience had a privileged view of how business is evolving in the 21st century, especially in the area of packaging and supply chains.

In addition to providing knowledge regarding the use of smart packaging technologies through the presentations of success cases, several topics were discussed during the panels that went beyond identification and tracking initiatives. This expanded the horizons for guaranteeing the authenticity of products, improving the customer experience, and creating sustainability and circular economy initiatives, bringing a new potential for achieving a return on investment (ROI).

Edson Perin is the editor of  IoP Journal Brasil and the founder of  Netpress Editora.