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Cyclone RFID-Enables Drug Pedigree Software

The company's Healthcare Compliance Suite can now accept RFID tag data to help drug makers and distributors establish a product's authenticity.
By Beth Bacheldor
Finally, the Healthcare Compliance Suite features the Cyclone ePedigree, an application created to assist companies in complying with state and federal regulations, such as the U.S. government's Prescription Drug Marketing Act and Florida's Drug and Cosmetic Act. These laws include pedigree requirements that call for prescription drug wholesalers to document a drug's distribution history, authenticating the source of the drug, as well as the parties that purchased and received it.

"A pedigree is a legal document that needs to be generated, archived and validated every step along the chain to ensure not so much that it is the authentic product, but that the product you are receiving comes from legitimate channels," Eicher explains. The ePedigree software converts order and shipment information into a pedigree that is legally binding and can be combined with other information, such as product lot numbers, to create a clearer view of what's referred to as a chain of conduct, detailing who handled the product.

Combining pedigrees with unique product serial numbers and other RFID data will provide even greater track and trace functionality, according to Eicher. "A pedigree says the product you get has been handled only by legitimate sources. That's important. But if I really want to stop counterfeiting, I need to know that it came from valid handlers, and I also want to validate the product itself by checking that the serialized number scanned from the product can be correlated with a serialized number stored in a database," explains Eicher. "I can then find out if, for example, Pfizer actually made that specific product. By checking that, Pfizer or any manufacturer would have the opportunity to say, 'Wait a minute; we already registered a sale on that product. Why are we selling it again?'"

Cyclone Commerce is working now to expand the Healthcare Compliance Suite's functionality so that it can not only accept RFID data but also act on that data. For example, the RFID data could trigger an advanced shipping notice or bill of lading in an order management system tied to the HCS Trade Activity Manager. "There are some very interesting track and trace applications we can add, such as very detailed inventory and reverse logistics," Eicher says.

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