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Waze to Deploy Bluvision's Directional-Beam Beacons

Google's social navigation service will employ Bluvision's new BEEKS Plus LR beacons, which offer a longer range and battery life, to pinpoint the locations of Waze users as they drive through tunnels and under bridges.
By Claire Swedberg

That specific location information, based on the tablet's or phone's position in relation to the beacon, can be useful for a variety of use cases. For instance, in a store's doorway, the beacon can transmit a directional signal to the inside of the store, so that a mobile phone app can determine whether that phone is outside or inside the premises.

The BEEKS Plus LR beacon could be used by companies that require long-range transmission only in certain situations. For instance, at a store with coolers for temperature-sensitive food, a retailer could opt to install a version of the beacon with built-in sensors that measure temperature, foot traffic or cooler health, transmitting sensor data in a single direction at a long range. An employee of a consumer brand whose products are in that cooler could then pass a store, even while in a vehicle, and capture the sensor data without having to enter and physically check that sensor's readings. "From a workflow perspective," Sailer says, "that is much more efficient."

The BEEKS Plus LR beacon has a directional beam-forming antenna that can extend the transmission range to a radius exceeding 0.6 mile, without increasing power consumption.
BEEKS Plus LR beacons with vibration sensors could be installed on equipment at industrial sites where those items may be in remote or difficult-to-reach locations. Users could approach the area with a mobile device (with the Bluetooth functionality activated) and use an app to access information regarding that equipment, including its identification number and how much it is vibrating. In that way, they could ascertain whether the equipment is operating, as well as its condition.

The BEEKS Plus LR beacon will also be able to function as a data logger, with 512 kilobytes of optional flash memory for recording temperature and environmental measurements for up to six months.

John Sailer, Bluvision's COO
According to Sailer, Bluvision provides the beacon hardware and embedded software in the beacons, as well as cloud-based software to provide location engine logic and beacon management. The company also offers a software development kit (SDK) for apps.

In addition, Bluvision is releasing industrial beacons and a new gateway. Both use Power-over-Ethernet and are designed to transmit beacon information to the cloud at low cost, by being easy to install, similarly to the BEEKS Plus LR. However, the company notes, they are built with ruggedized housing.

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