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RFID News Roundup

MAINtag, Zebra launch FLYplug RFID printing solution for aircraft parts; Avery Dennison simplifies Round Rock licensing requirements for retailers; scemtec, Smartrac partner on RFID document-tracking system; Qualcomm's Gimbal beacon featured at Tribeca Film Festival; Nordic Usability launches NFC RFID JiffyTags designed for time-tracking; IXYS intros 134.2 kHz passive RFID ICs with built-in temperature sensors.
By Beth Bacheldor
Apr 24, 2014

The following are news announcements made during the past week by the following organizations: MAINtag, Zebra Technologies; Avery Dennison, Round Rock Research; Scemtec, Smartrac; Qualcomm; Nordic Usability; and IXYS.

MAINtag, Zebra Launch FLYplug RFID Printing Solution for Aircraft Parts

FLYplug software
MAINtag has partnered with Zebra Technologies to launch FLYplug, an integrated RFID printing-encoding solution based on the ATA specifications known as Spec 2000. The RFID printing solution includes software (which can be used either standalone or networked), Zebra's RFID printers (the RZ400, RZ600 and R110Xi4 series, as well as the new ZT410R and ZT430R lines) and MAINtag's on-metal ruggedized FLYchip-embedded RFID tags. The FLYchip, unveiled about a year ago (see RFID News Roundup: MAINtag Introduces New RFID-enabled, ATA Spec 2000-compliant FLYchip), conforms to Spec 2000 and is embedded in the FLYtag range of RFID tags. The ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID chip is compliant with the EPC Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C standards (meeting requirements in the most recent EPC TDS 1.6 standard). In February 2014, MAINtag unveiled the FLYchip64 (see RFID News Roundup: MAINtag Launches FLYchip64 High-Memory Chip for Aerospace). FLYplug is certified by Oracle and SAP for integration with those systems; features intuitive wizards to allow the easy design of custom forms with data entry and/or Web-based templates; and can access most databases (ODBC, OLE DB and non-Windows, such as AS/400, SAP, LINUX and Oracle), spreadsheets or texts. In addition, the solution can send out automatic e-mail alerts warning of errors or problems, and includes .NET software development kits (SDKs) so customers need not write custom integrations from scratch (for example, a sample Web application, ASP.NET, can be used to enable Web browser printing).

Avery Dennison Simplifies Round Rock Licensing Requirements for Retailers
Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS), a provider of RFID-based inventory-management solutions for apparel, has announced s revision to the licensing agreement it has with Round Rock Research LLC regarding RFID tags, labels, and readers. Avery Dennison had signed the agreement in November 2013 (see Avery Dennison, Alien Technology and Invengo Sign Licensing Deals With Round Rock) to settle a dispute with the patent-licensing firm. The agreement allowed Avery Dennison (and other companies) to continue selling products while paying undisclosed licensing fees to Round Rock, a patent-assertion entity that holds 10 patents related to RFID technology. The original licensing agreements had included auditing processes that retailers had to follow, but the agreement now encompasses a simplified audit process that should make it easier for retailers and other end users to meet Round Rock's audit and certification requirements. By removing what could have been seen as a barrier to implementing RFID technology and simplifying the auditing process, Avery Dennison believes the new arrangement will accelerate RFID adoption and that U.S.-based apparel retailers and manufactures that use Avery Dennison RFID inlays will expend less time and energy implementing RFID, as well as reduce risks. In a prepared statement, Jim Burris, Round Rock Research's VP of licensing, said, "We have reviewed Avery Dennison's ability to track RFID tags and labels and consider the end to end visibility provided through their service bureaus and other customer based solutions sufficient to allow end users to meet audit and certification requirements necessary under Round Rock's licensing program to confirm that RFID tags are licensed."

Scemtec, Smartrac Partner on RFID Document-Tracking System

The SAT-Tunnel-13MHz
Scemtec Transponder Technology and Smartrac have announced that they have jointly developed RFID components designed for automatic document management, control of document stock and comprehensive document tracking. The combined solution includes scemtec's RFID readers and Smartrac's RFID transponders. Scemtec provides RFID read-write equipment and antennas for document identification, such as inventory management or the archiving of documents, and its solutions are used to capture all media data and prevent document theft, swapping or any other kind of mishandling. A scemtec system typically consists of the company's high-frequency (HF) Long-Range Reader (SIL-2125) or HF Midrange Reader (SIR-2720)—both of which support the EPC Class 1 HF and ISO 18000-3 Mode 3 standards—and scemtec's HF 3D antenna system (SAT-Tunnel-13MHz). According to the two companies, these components have the ability to detect labels independent of their orientation inside the tunnel. Smartrac's new Block RFID transponder is based on the EPC Class 1 HF and ISO 18000-3 Mode 3 standards, and is designed for use with document stacks. The Block inlay utilizes NXP Semiconductors' ICode ILT-M RFID chip with a 96-bit tag identifier (TID), 240 bits of Electronic Product Code (EPC) memory and 512 bits of user memory for document identification when close stacking occurs, the two companies report. With their technologies combined, the firms note, scemtec's RFID hardware is capable of reading more than 500 Smartrac Block tags simultaneously.

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