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Marketing Help for RFID Companies

A new blog on the RFID Journal website aims to help RFID solution providers do a better job of reaching potential buyers.
By Mark Roberti

Now, we have introduced our Marketing Blog, written by Sonja Valenta, to provide our readers with marketing advice. Sonja is an industry professional who was involved in direct-mail programs for one of the United States' largest banks prior to joining RFID Journal seven years ago, and she also conducted online marketing for a leading provider of consumer health solutions, where she helped generate new subscriptions for a portfolio of more than 25 websites. Since coming aboard RFID Journal, she has overseen all of our marketing efforts for all of our products. She knows the RFID customer, and she knows how to reach that individual. During her tenure, we have run more than 10 million banner ads and sent nearly 1 million direct-mail pieces, so she sees what works for our advertisers—and what doesn't.

In her first post, "How to Create Realistic Marketing Goals in the RFID Market," Sonja addressed the critical issue of setting realistic marketing goals. It sounds simple and straightforward, but most companies do not do this. We often hear, "We want to get more leads." That is not a well-defined marketing goal for the coming year.

"If your overall marketing goal is to generate more leads, it would be well-defined as 'We need to generate 500 new leads for RFID in health care from our marketing campaign over the next year,'" Sonja wrote. "An even better, more defined goal would be, 'We need 500 new qualified leads for our RFID health-care solution from our marketing campaign, which will result in at least 10 sales this year and contribute $500,000 in revenue.'"

Having a clear idea of what you hope to achieve will lead to better results. Here's why: If you just want more health-care leads, then the right strategy is to go to a big health-care event and scoop up lots of business cards. Since the people attending that conference are not there to investigate an RFID solution, you are unlikely to get much business—but you will achieve your marketing goal. On the other hand, if your aim is to obtain $500,000 in new business, then focusing on a smaller group of people who are actively researching a solution like the one you sell would enable you to reach that goal.

The sad reality is that RFID solution providers with good products are struggling, since companies that want to buy those goods simply do not know they exist. I am often reminded of a poster that was pinned up behind the desk of the salesperson at the first magazine I ever worked at. It said:

"Do you know what happens when you don't advertise?


Mark Roberti is the founder and editor of RFID Journal. If you would like to comment on this article, click on the link below. To read more of Mark's opinions, visit the RFID Journal Blog, the Editor's Note archive or RFID Connect.

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