10,000 RFID Tags in Airbus’s Revolutionary New Jumbo Jet

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Unbeknownst to many, RFID plays a large role in the A380, the world's largest commercial aircraft unveiled this week by France's Airbus.


This article was originally published by RFID Update.

January 19, 2005—As you probably already know, this week France’s Airbus unveiled the largest ever passenger airplane, the A380. What you may not know is just how large a role RFID technology plays in the aeronautical marvel’s design. In total, the plane contains more than 10,000 RFID tags, which are attached to removable pieces and those requiring periodic maintenance or replacement. Safety inspections are a stringent and burdensome requirement in the airline business, so any technology that can effectively streamline that process is welcome. The A380’s RFID capabilities will enable just that, facilitating the rapid and less-paperwork intensive inventorying of a plane’s detachable parts. “We could use RFID to do routine checks before a flight, for example, making sure that a lifejacket is under each seat,” said Jens Heitmann, Airbus manager of systems standardization, process, and methods.

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