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Retail Expert Views

  • Omnichannel Retailing

    You can't do it without RFID.

  • Managing Big (RFID) Data

    Retailers tracking unique items via radio frequency identification are concerned about how to take advantage of all the data they collect. A recent MIT-sponsored event began to address this issue.

  • Tracking Your Competitors

    Why you should care where you are in the RFID adoption phase.

  • RFID Goes Bananas

    The latest advance in RFID technology helps keep fruit fresh.

  • Encrypt Instead of 'Kill'

    A dual-mode EPC RFID tag works in the supply chain and secures data after an item is purchased.

  • Serialization Roadmap

    A top-level tagging plan will help apparel suppliers identify items now, and pave the way for tracking more products in the future.

  • The Key to RFID Adoption

    The industry got out in front of the market, suggests an expert on how technologies go mainstream.

  • The Truth About RFID Read Rates

    Providers of passive UHF RFID solutions need to be clearer regarding the read rates, or read reliability, that end users can expect to achieve.

  • RFID and Global Warming

    The same technology used to increase operational efficiencies can also save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • A New Approach to Pharmaceutical E-Pedigrees

    EPCIS can support chain-of-custody verification—without a cumbersome data burden.

  • RFID Earns a Second Chance

    Apparel retailers are using the technology to improve inventory management, which increases sales and reduces working capital.

  • NFC Mobile Phones and the Future of Privacy

    NFC-enabled phones will offer consumers the opportunity to enhance their privacy by empowering them with their own secure ID devices.

  • At-Home Product Life-Cycle Management

    Manufacturers and customers can monitor consumer electronics devices for maintenance, repair and recycling.

  • Using Wireless Technologies to Fight Camera Theft

    If every digital camera contained a SIM or RFID module, it could log into its manufacturer's product-authentication database when switched on and, if stolen, report its whereabouts and disable itself until returned to its rightful owner.

  • Corralling Stray Reads

    Filters on fixed and handheld readers ensure data accuracy, providing retailers with real-time inventory visibility.

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