Stadium AB Improves Inventory Accuracy With RFID

Published: July 1, 2019

Stadium AB has successfully carried out an RFID pilot to manage fast rotations of products ranging from kayaks to apparel to shoe laces. Headquartered in Sweden, Stadium AB sells retail sportswear and training clothes, as well as sports-related merchandise and has stores located throughout Europe. For the pilot, the firm tagged products at its distribution center and used sled readers to interrogate the tags as they were applied. The tags were then read upon receipt at the two participating stores, and periodically throughout the days following, during inventory counts. The use of the technology improved inventory accuracy to about 98 percent and provided in-store staff with confidence in what inventory they have onsite. Learn how the improved inventory accuracy allows the company to more easily adopt the omnichannel model of sales online since it can be sure products are where the software indicates they are.

Johan Stenstrom, Supply Chain Developer, Stadium AB

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