Operational Efficiency: Reducing Production Errors and Increasing Efficiencies With RFID

Published: February 5, 2013

Artilux NMF, a Lithuanian and Swedish joint venture that manufactures lighting fixtures and lamps, is employing EPC RFID technology to track the movements of pallets loaded with products or raw materials at its 11,000-square-meter facility in Šiauliai, Lithuania. The firm produces approximately 6 million decorative lamps and lighting fixtures annually, which are shipped on 25,000 pallets. Most are sent to distributors throughout Europe that, in turn, forward the lamps to retailers that sell lighting products. In the past, pallet tracking was performed with a system that combined the use of printed labels and paperwork, and bar-code labels on boxes and pallets. In this session, hear how the system has eliminated errors during product loading, while also speeding up the shipping process and freeing up space in the warehouse, since it no longer requires an area to manually check products as they are received from manufacturing.

Speaker: Rimantas Damanskis, Managing Director, Artilux NMF