UHF Disposable Ankle Band for Triathlons- by Tadbik Group

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Tadbik group announces an affordable, reliable and ground breaking solution for triathlon timing.

Tadbik group announces an affordable, reliable and ground breaking solution for triathlon timing. Using a strong plastic based disposable wristband produced in-house, along with Tadbik's high quality disposable timing chip—participants and organizers focus on results and not on time consuming logistics.

Competitors participate in three types of events at a Triathlon: swimming, cycling and running, which require a change of outfit on each event. This can affect how a participant wears a timing chip. Some choose to use a chip tied to their shoe laces, some use a band strapped around their ankle and others move the chip depending on the section of the race.

With the Tadbik disposable ankle band, participants just Strap and Go. No need to accommodate or move the chip—as it is strapped securely to the ankle and holds in all sections of the race due to its water resistant materials that don't affect its functionality. Participants save valuable time and keep focus on the race.

Organizers love these disposable bands, as they are a great "cure" to the headache of chip collection after a race. Organizers rent out most of the shoe lace chips or ankle straps, which means they have to collect it back at the end of the race. This takes time and results in many lost chips, as participants forget to return them. Organizers need to panelize participants for their lost inventory and that's time consuming and unfortunate for both sides. Moreover, organizers need to sanitize the chips for future use and this is a task they will gladly abandon if they could.

Tadbik's disposable bands are affordable (cost $0.85-$0.65 depending on quantity), customizable- both on the band graphics and the encoding and printing on the foam timing tag. Standard inlay used is the SMARTRAC ShortDipole Monza 5 but inlay can vary upon demand. Minimum order quantity for standard graphics bands is 3,000 pieces.

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