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The INDUS Tag UHF by iDTRONIC is the solution for processes of optimization in industrial and sophisticated applications.


The new INDUS Tag UHF by iDTRONIC is another first-class addition in the line of professional RFID tags by iDTRONIC. iDTRONIC introduces the new, extremely robust and resilient INDUS Tag UHF, which is made out of FR4- epoxy. This new tag was specifically designed for sophisticated, industrialized environments and can function even during high temperatures without performance deficits. It is available in three different sizes.

• Industry
• Containers
• Production monitoring

• Chip: NXP UCODE G2XM, EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C)
• Protection class IP65
• Material: FR4 & Epoxid
• Reading distance of up to 8 meters
• Suitable for applications on metal
• Range of temperature: -20 °C up to +140 °C (short periods: -30 °C up to +160 °C)
• EU & US frequencies
• Available in three sizes:
» 138 × 22 × 13.77 mm
» 113 × 18 × 16.5 mm
» 100 × 14.25 × 11 mm

The efficient professional RFID tags enable you to identify products, objects or containers, as well as to determine their current whereabouts. We provide the solutions for your applications based on our long years of experience in technical planning and development. Professional RFID tags by iDTRONIC perfectly harmonize with stationary and mobile RFID readers by iDTRONIC.

iDTRONIC professional RFID tags are specifically optimized to provide:
• Robustness
• Quality
• Durability
• Reading range

These exclusive products are only available through iDTRONIC. Additionally, iDTRONIC offers a variety of RFID products and services that may be customized to suit your personal special requests. Please feel free to contact us! Our sales managers (contact: 0621 66 900946 will gladly be at your service. For further information about all iDTRONIC professional RFID tags and related RFID hardware, feel free to visit our homepage