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Carsten Brinkschulte Dryad Dryad Networks HF RFID Chips IoT National Interagency Fire Center SaaS SBX Software as a Service Wildfires
Dryad Wildfire Sensors

IoT Sniffs for Smoke to Prevent Wildfires

  Dryad’s fire detection system now leverages HF RFID chips to enable shippers to set the LoRa frequency…

News May 22
A2B Tracking David Gardner James Madison University James R. West RFID SaaS Software as a Service UHF RFID tags Zebra
James Madison University RFID

RFID Tracks AV Assets at James Madison University

  The solution from A2B Tracking was built to be simple and easy to use, with handheld readers…

News May 10
Chamberlain Group dock equipment Heartland Produce iDock Controller IoT LiftMaster Matthew Neff myQ Enterprise SaaS Smart Video Intercom Software as a Service Truck Drivers trucking

IoT Brings Visibility to Dock and Yard Management

Heartland Produce is beta testing the latest version of Chamberlain Group’s myQ Enterprise that captures data at a…

News February 21
Data motion sensors Retailers RFID Seam Tag SaaS Sensormatic Solutions Shrink Analyzer shrinkage Software as a Service Subramanian Kunchithapatham UHF RFID

Shrink Analyzer Tracks Trends as RFID Tagged Goods Exit Stores

The solution from Sensormatic is one of several new tools the company is offering to help retailers and…

News February 2