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Royal Antwerp Football Club Aucxis GS1 UHF RFID tags

Royal Antwerp FC Scores Reusable Cup Solution with RFID

  The Belgian-based football team needed to meet a sustainability directive from the European Union related to eliminating…

News May 29
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Sunrise 27 RFID Journal LIVE!

GS1 US Discusses Sunrise 2027 Ambitions for 2D Barcodes

The initiative by the standards organization could bring traditional 1D barcodes into the 2D world of data matrix…

News April 11
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Sitoo SML Point of Sale RFID

POS Company Sitoo Offers RFID Purchasing with SML

Self-checkout technology to speed shoppers through their payments has seen fits and starts for retailers. While supermarkets and…

News March 25
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Amazon Just Walk Out Speeds Food Purchases at Hospital

Saint Joseph’s/Candler Hospital is the first healthcare site to adopt the automated purchasing leveraging computer vision as shoppers…

News January 31