Summary of Baird RFID Monthly for February

Baird has released its February report. The thirteen-page document is a worthwhile read for anyone requiring an overview of the industry's last 30 days. For those without time to do so, we have reprinted here the report's summary.

Tagsys Releases Gen2 Tags for Item Level

Item-level RFID solutions provider Tagsys today announced a new approach to item-level tagging using UHF Gen2 technology. Dubbed "The-Package-Is-The-Tag", the approach represents an expansion into UHF technology from what had historically been a strong HF focus at the company.

Impinj Launches UHF Tech for Item-Level Tags

Impinj today announced an extension to its GrandPrix line of Gen2 technology solutions that will allow UHF RFID technology to be used for item-level tagging applications. The Seattle, Washington-based company believes its new technology could prove game-changing for RFID adoption at the item level.

EPC Track-and-Trace for Hemophilia

Domino Printing Sciences today announced the successful deployment of a complete EPC track-and-trace solution for the administration of hemophilia products.

ABI: Only 10 Drugs Tagged in 2006

ABI Research today announced bearish prognostications for near-term pharma-tagging, estimating that the industry will only start tagging about ten drugs in 2006. This stands in stark contrast to predictions of just last year, when life science tag shipments were predicted to more than triple from 2005 to 2006.

Alien Worth $577 Million

Alien Technology, the Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of RFID readers and inlays, enjoys a current valuation of more than a half-billion dollars. This sum is based on the value of a recent divestiture by Quan Ventures.
Merck KGaA Funds Printable RFID

Merck KGaA Funds Printable RFID

The German pharmaceutical and chemical company is partnering with the Technical University of Darmstadt to develop printable RFID chips based on inorganic materials.