Visibility Track: Swedish Board of Fisheries Tracks Fish to Dish

By Doug

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The Swedish Board of Fisheries (Fiskeriverket), in partnership with the commercial fishing industry, is testing new technology for tracing the route that a fish takes from the moment it is caught until it arrives at a retail outlet. The trial is being carried out in cooperation with commercial fishermen, receivers, wholesalers and retail outlets throughout the Swedish fishing industry. The European Union (EU) now requires that all fish products within its sphere be traceable, thereby improving the implementation of the EU Common Fisheries Policy. Learn how the catch is placed into fish boxes equipped with RFID tags. Each fishing trip that a commercial fishing boat makes is registered by Fiskeriverket, and the fisherman then reports information about the identity of his or her boat, along with the date of the catch, where that catch was made, the equipment used, and the fish's species and weight. With this information, each RFID-marked fish box is linked to a particular fishing trip. Hear how the system is benefitting consumers, as well as stakeholders throughout the fishing industry.

Speaker: Niklas Hild, Project Manager, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management