Supply Chain/Logistics: Transit Authority Automates Predictive Maintenance Program Via RFID

By Doug

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Utah Transit Authority (UTA) provides public transportation throughout the Wasatch Front of Utah, in the Salt Lake City area. Historically, UTA manually tracked its major component inventory using spreadsheets assigned to multiple staff members. This process had a high error rate and did not provide the necessary information to make strategic decisions regarding predictive maintenance activities. UTA is now using an RFID-based solution in its asset-management program to track its light rail trains and major components, thereby allowing the organization to establish a predictive maintenance program. Learn how the light rail trains pass through an RFID portal that automatically identifies the components installed on the trains and records the asset information. This information is used to model useful life, and is the foundation of UTA’s predictive maintenance program.

Speaker: Kyle Stockley, Transit Asset Administrator, Utah Transit Authority