Solution-Provider Session: Enabling IoT and RFID Tag Mass Production for the Requirements of the Next Decade

By Doug

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The last 15 years of RFID tag production for the Internet of Things (IoT) and identification industry were characterized by processes which needed an extremely high attention in terms of quality control and process stability. Non-standardized and non-upgradeable solutions have mostly been applied. With the current breakthrough situation, the industry is looking for new ways in order to deal with the situation. With a highly standardized approach, taken from the semiconductor industry, a revolutionary new path opens up for those who want to play a major role in the market. Unprecedented speed, as well as quality, is the value proposition of the successfully operating solution, which will be introduced during this session. This new and easy-to-handle method will dramatically reduce downtimes and allow the use of simpler and cheaper materials at the same time, to build RFID and NFC tags for the Internet of Things in the future.

Jürgen Rexer, Global Technical Sales Manager for RFID, BW Papersystems