RFID on RTIs: Supply Chain Transparency Builds an Active World Based on Passive Tags

By Doug

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Container Centralen (CC) is using RFID tags to manage a pool of trolleys used for the transportation of plants in the European horticultural industry. CC first implemented RFID in 2011, but upgraded the deployment last year to support its strategy of extending digital transactions and obtaining knowledge about assets' locations. The company's new passive EPC Gen 2 NXP Ucode8m-supporting RFID tag, known as CC TAG5, was launched in close cooperation with major European horticultural organizations and leading international RFID technology partners. Learn how CC tagged 4 million trolleys during a six-week period. Customers throughout 40 countries were supplied with the new tags, to be mounted on every trolley located within their facilities. CC will share the actual data and discuss how the tagging campaign facilitates its own depot procedures, minimizes counterfeiting, and enables customers to optimize logistical and track-and-trace processes.

Speaker: Léonard Smits, Business Development / Legal Counsel, Container Centralen