RFID Helps Massachusetts General Hospital Fully Automate Supply Management

By Doug

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In 2007, the Imaging Department at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) began investigating the impact that an RFID-enabled supply-tracking system could have within its organization. In 2008, MGH implemented RFID at two labs located within its Interventional Radiology Division, achieving a 20 percent increase, or $60,000, in monthly charge capture. This amount was previously lost, despite the use of a well-established, automated bar-code system. The increased charge capture provided a return on investment four times the cost of deploying the technology. Ultimately, the solution was deployed in order to create a fully automated supply chain, from product consumption through charge capture to automated reorder. Learn how MGH has expanded its RFID adoption into several major clinical areas, and how the firm built its internal business case.
Speaker: Robert M. Sheridan, Director, Interventional Radiology, Department of Imaging, Massachusetts General Hospital