RFID and Serialization Lead to New Levels of Value Generation: Part 1

By Doug

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Across a variety of industries and process areas, RFID and serialization-based applications have evolved from point applications to integrated business-wide solutions. We are now witnessing the emergence of a new class of collaborative processes involving large-scale data exchange of RFID, unique identification and related business data. Learn how SAP and its ecosystem are enabling this transformation, and how companies worldwide are already generating business value from these new solutions. One such pioneering company, Intel Corp., will share the benefits and lessons learned from deployments in its logistics and manufacturing operations, along with its plans for enabling B2B business processes to achieve business value, and its vision for deploying a range of RFID-enabled digital supply chains of the future.
Tobias Goetz, Business Development, SAP
Larren Olson, Director of Materials Business Solutions, Intel