Revolutionizing the Supply Chain and Transforming Health Care in the Process

By Doug

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A tidal wave of change is coming to the health-care supply chain. Fueled by the growth of RFID technology, Cardinal Health’s logistics and precision inventory-management solutions offer dramatically increased efficiency and cost savings, which cascade across entire health-care systems. Advances in data-capture and analytics have enabled the growth of networked supply chains spanning from the manufacturing line to patient-side point of use. The use of RFID technology is now linking producers, purchasers and distributors end to end, across the entire supply chain. This allows manufacturers to view real-time inventory and consumption data, prompting earlier demand signals and greatly reducing product expiration challenges. Utilizing RFID technology, hospitals are better equipped to manage their high-cost products without burdening clinical staff with tedious supply chain responsibilities. The RFID revolution is increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving the patient experience. Learn how to prepare your supply chain for success today.

Speaker: Jean-Claude Saghbini, General Manager, Inventory Management Solutions, Cardinal Health