Operational Efficiency: Managing Tools With RFID

By Doug

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Grunnarbeid, a Norwegian building, construction and highway contractor, is employing EPC Gen 2 RFID tags and readers, as well as GPS and cellular technology, to track the locations and status of tools on work sites. The company provides large-scale construction and civil-engineering services in central Norway, with multiple projects taking place at any given time, and thus needed a way to use technology to improve asset management on various job sites. The system consists of a customized computer wired to an RFID reader, a GPS unit and a cellular device, installed in containers or vehicles that transport and store equipment. With RFID tags applied to the equipment, software can identify which tools are within read range of the interrogator, and thereby know whether they are still in storage in that container or vehicle, or have been removed by the construction staff. Learn how the firm is utilizing a system that tracks which tools are in use at which job site, and which are sitting idle.

Speaker: John P. Alstad, General Manager, Grunnarbeid AS