Lockheed Martin Advances the “Flightline of the Future” Through Asset Visibility

By Doug

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As one of the world’s leading systems integrators, Lockheed Martin delivers comprehensive training and logistics solutions to prepare military personnel for the most complex missions. Mission readiness requires the right mix of technologies, tailored to specific mission objectives. Learn how sustainment efficiencies are delivered through a single scalable, affordable and secure end-to-end logistics IT solution integrating RFID and GPS technologies to vastly improve data access, asset visibility, management and accountability, while reducing costs. This presentation will focus on Lockheed Martin’s Corporate Center for Innovation initiatives and F-16 and F-35 aviation component asset tracking, coupled with real-time health diagnostics data and its implications for production, fiscal accountability and the “Flightline of the Future.”

Speaker: Corey Cook, Senior Solutions Architect, Enterprise Sustainment Solutions, Lockheed Martin