Insights and Next Steps From a Major RFID Deployment

By Doug

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Jonathan Aitken was with lululemon athletica for 6 years, serving as the program director for their RFID deployment which won the 2017 RFID Journal Award for Best Retail Implementation. In this session, he sits down with RFID Journal editor Mark Roberti to discuss his unique insights into launching a major RFID retail deployment. Learn best practices honed on the front lines, where retailers can find unexpected operational efficiencies and what mistakes retailers need to avoid when deploying an RFID system. Jonathan will also discuss how else RFID is being used, including mirrors, overheads and why it is key to omnichannel success.

Moderator: Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

Please note: No slides were presented during this session. This is an audio recording of the interview done on stage.