Improving Proof of Identity and Competence in the Construction Industry

NOCN Job Cards, part of the NOCN Group, provides proof that an individual has achieved the required training, or theory and practical tests, and competence-based qualifications for the type of work they carry out, primarily in the U.K. construction industry. Each type of card issued represents different levels of testing or training and competence to operate specific equipment. There are numerous different roles in construction and each of these have different requirements to show competency. In this session hear how the firm implemented NFC-enabled cards to improve security by proving identity and competence, as well as reducing printing costs and plastics usage. Key takeaways: Learn how the cards have additional functionality beyond proof of identity and competence. Future uses, including the possibility of delivering training materials, measuring time and attendance and equipment track work logs.

Speaker: Mark Buckton, Executive Director of Job Cards and Services, NOCN Job Cards, NOCN Services