Improving Inventory Accuracy With RFID

By Doug

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Following a successful pilot of handheld RFID technology, G-Star, an international fashion brand operating more than 300 stores, conducted an open tender involving head-to-head live store comparisons among leading vendors, and the assessment of overhead sensor technology. The result was the selection of a next-generation IoT sensor solution to achieve greater accuracy with less effort than handheld-only solutions. The rollout is now well under way and is projected to exceed 100 stores this year. The prime benefit is true, real-time in-store inventory accuracy to support unified commerce SFS and BOPUS, without cancellations or safety stock. Increased on-shelf availability, better replenishment, fast item location, fitting room conversion analysis, loss detection and return fraud alerts are among the host of other benefits realized by the firm.

Speaker: Erin Diekstra, CEO, Fifty Six