EPC Panel: On-Shelf Availability and Accelerated Reconciliation

By Doug

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t has been four years since companies began deploying RFID systems based on the EPC Gen 2 air interface and tag data standards. What has been learned during that period? In this session, several leading end users of EPC technologies and standards will discuss how they have achieved improvements in on-shelf availability, and accelerated the shipping and receiving reconciliation process. These companies will reveal best practices that will enable your business to achieve the same benefits.

Moderator: John Seaner, Vice President & General Manager, EPCglobal US

Simon Langford, Director of EPC RFID Strategies, Information Systems Division, Wal-Mart Stores
Kathy Smith, Spec. Asst. for Cust. Support, Supply Chain Integration, U.S. Department of Defense
Milan Turk, Jr., Managing Director, Global Customer eCollaboration, Procter & Gamble