Enhancing Worker Safety in Process Industry Environments

By Mark Roberti

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The safety of workers has always been important, but not it is moving higher up the list of priorities for investment. Workers in process industry environments face a variety of risks over and above their counterparts in other industries. "Hazards of the job" are that much more serious, with a higher potential risk. Falling objects, exposure to dangerous substances, fire, and explosion of flammable gas and dust are potential threats and whilst large-scale disasters are thankfully rare, they still occur. It is unlikely that any one location technology ticks all of your boxes, and there is no silver bullet. Hybrid location technology is the only practical solution to the complexities of the use cases in the process industries. It involves using two or more location technologies as part of the same solution:

  • To deliver wider coverage with reduced infrastructure
  • To add greater accuracy
  • To increase worker safety and productivity
  • To reduce the total cost of ownership.

Learn how worker safety is shifting to hybrid location technology as process industries deploy digital solutions.
Speaker: John Hartley, CEO of Extronics