Emerging Supply Chain IoT Edge Technologies

By Mark Roberti

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Join us as we enter the newest applications in emerging tracking technologies. Apptricity’s CEO, Tim Garcia, will provide insights into emerging technologies in real-time asset and inventory visibility, supply chain life cycle management, field services, and logistics operations. We will explore real-time cloud solutions that provide the most transparent, accurate, real-time visibility for asset, inventory, and tracking management by monitoring the best data intelligence and analytics available. Additionally, we will discuss how the “internet of things” (IoT) provides real-time efficiency to supply chain management. IoT represents all devices, scanners, sensors, and machines connected to the internet. Each can exchange data via network connectivity, allowing information about a device’s surroundings to be communicated in real-time. As this technology is adopted worldwide, supply chain tracking management is just one key area where IoT can provide a wealth of data in the supply chain.
Speaker: Tim Garcia, CEO, Apptricity Corporation