Creating a Dynamic Manufacturing Environment Through the Industrial Internet of Things

By Doug

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Material flow management is the biggest problem impacting factories today, and the greatest hindrance to their ability to transition to the growing demand for highly dynamic on-demand manufacturing. The problem is that most factories’ processes are rooted in the decades-old use of static paper label systems. Revolutionary technology now exists that is transforming the way in which individuals and machines interact by using data and analytics in new ways to drive efficiency gains, accelerate productivity and achieve overall operational excellence. This new approach to managing workflow brings the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to the factory floor by wirelessly connecting machines and containers, enabling them to be tracked in real time as they flow through a factory. This presentation will use specific examples from case studies to examine how Fortune 500 companies are embracing the IIoT to create dynamic, intelligent operational environments that are setting the standard for and leading the wave of 21st-century manufacturing in America.

Speaker: George Daddis, Jr., Ph.D., CEO and President, Omni-ID