Boosting the Bottom Line with Returnable Container Tracking

By Mark Roberti

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Returnable containers are a key method of meeting both profitability objectives and sustainability metrics. Though critical to the supply chain, returnables have a history of waste and inefficiency. Returnable assets often aren’t returned by customers and supply chain partners. They are often overlooked, forgotten, or stolen in warehouses and distribution centers. In response, many businesses choose to keep a backup supply of containers in inventory. This requires additional storage space and increased costs. Hear from the experts at AIM Global, an industry standards organization in barcodes and RFID standards, about four ways that you can increase your bottom line by tracking returnable containers. Learn how to increase supply chain visibility, improve business relationships, automate to build business efficiencies and reduce your carbon footprint.
Colynn Black, RFID Business Development Director, Metalcraft
Jeanne Duckett, Chairperson, AIM North America
Steve Statler, Author of Beacon Technologies (Apress) and Senior VP of Marketing, Wiliot
Tim Debus, President & CEO, Reusable Packaging Association