RFID Under-hyped?

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In light of last week's report that only 43% of British executives know what RFID is, is the technology not yet receiving enough attention?

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This article was originally published by RFID Update.

October 10, 2004—As a follow-up to last week's surprising Unisys-produced report that a full 43% of British executives are unaware of RFID, the UK's Sunday Herald has devoted a piece to the technology. It notes that one of the report's authors was blown away by the level of ignorance, especially when taken alongside the statistic that 80% of executives admit lacking tight control over their supply chain goods. "This is absolutely staggering, particularly when you consider that what we’re talking about is extending full control to areas of businesses where none currently exists. I don’t know how any executive can face their shareholders or even sleep at night if they cannot confidently account for every aspect of their business procedures." The findings beg the question that if such a lack of awareness about RFID still exists, are the current rumblings that the technology is becoming hyped perhaps wrong, and that in fact it isn't receiving enough attention?

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