RFID Professional Institute Teams With New Zealand Pathfinder Group to Offer Certification Exams

By RFID Journal

The agreement will expand certification testing to RFID practitioners in New Zealand.


The RFID Professional Institute, a global not-for-profit organization founded by a group of independent RFID industry veterans to promote professionalism in the RFID industry through the development of standardized certification exams, has announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with the New Zealand RFID Pathfinder Group. Pathfinder, a not-for-profit incorporated society, was founded in 2006 by a group of independent RFID specialists to drive the adoption of RFID technologies in New Zealand.

Under the terms of the agreement, Pathfinder will assume the role of onsite proctor and local test center for exams developed by the RFID Professional Institute. The tests will cover all types of radio frequency identification systems and how they are used in business and consumer applications.

“This is the Institute’s first agreement to expand certification internationally,” says Ian Robertson, chairman of the RFID Professional Institute. “We are currently negotiating with other organizations and expect to have additional announcements in the near future.”

The New Zealand Pathfinder Group has been undertaking research on the value of radio frequency identification and its efficacy in different applications. This includes livestock tracking, as well as apparel tracking in retail stores.

“We’re delighted to be associated with the Institute in this manner, as it provides the unique opportunity for New Zealand organizations to attain a formal RFID certification,” says Mark Rance, the organization’s chairman. “We look forward to working with the Institute on other initiatives in the future as RFID adoption in New Zealand gathers momentum.”

The first exam, the RFID Professional Institute Associate Exam, was introduced in 2014 after two years of work (see A New RFID Certification, The Return of RFID Certification, Input on RFID Certification, RFID Institute Seeks Subject-Matter Experts and International RFID Institute Prepares Certification Program). The Institute is currently working to develop a more advanced certification exam.