RFID News Roundup

By Bob Violino

New RFID smart label printer/encoder; Sokymat launches new laundry tag; new microchips for 13.56 MHz RFID tags and readers; companies to develop smart shelf products.

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The following are news announcements made during the week of June 7.

New RFID Smart Label Printer/Encoder

Weber Marking Systems has introduced its R4Mplus RFID smart label printer/encoder, which can write to a UHF RFID tag, verify the data and print text and bar codes on a thermal or thermal-transfer label. It prints and encodes labels up to 4.5 inches wide by 39 inches long at speeds up to 10 inches per second. Weber will also supply pressure-sensitive smart labels embedded with EPC UHF Class 1 transponders.

Sokymat Launches New Laundry Tag

Sokymat, the world’s largest supplier of RFID transponders, has introduced a new 13.56 MHz tag designed for the laundry industry. The Logi TAG 160 Sedna, part of Sokymat’s Logi TAG family of RFID transponders, is compliant with the ISO 15693 RFID standard and is designed to resist heat, pressure and chemicals used in commercial laundries. The tag comes with a preprogrammed with a 64-bit unique identifier and has 56 bits of one-time programmable memory to which users can write data.

New Microchips for 13.56 MHZ RFID Tags and Readers

EM Microelectronic, a Swiss microchip manufacturer, has launched a line of RFID integrated circuits that operate at 13.56 MHz for contactless identification systems. The line includes the EM4035, EM4135, EM4034 chips for RFID tags and the EM4094 for RFID readers. The EM4035 features a crypto-algorithm with 96-bit secret key, making it suitable for high-security hands-free access control, ticketing, anticounterfeiting and asset management applications. The EM4135 and EM4034 are identical to the EM4035 except that they don’t include encryption and are designed for logistics and tracking applications, which require low-cost tags. The EM4094 is, a multistandard IC for RFID readers, is compatible with the ISO 15693, 14443A and 14443B standards. All four microchips are shipping now from EM Microelectronic and its distributors.

Companies to Develop Smart Shelf Products

RSI ID Technologies, a Chula Vista, Calif.-based RFID systems integrator, has teamed up with www.skyetek.com SkyeTek, a Boulder, Colo.-based maker of RFID readers. RSI will incorporate SkyeTek’s M1 and M1-Mini 13.56 MHz readers into its applications. The two companies will collaborate to develop new RFID products for smart shelf applications. The ability of 13.56 MHz tags to work on items that contain water or are made of metal make them appropriate for short-range smart-shelf applications. The two companies will also develop tags and readers that can be used to track medical instruments and other healthcare items.

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