RFID Journal Launches Radio Call-in Show

By Admin

A new program, airing every Friday, will feature Mark Roberti, RFID Journal's founder and editor, interviewing radio frequency identification experts and taking listener questions live on the air.

RFID Journal announced today the launch of a new weekly online call-in radio program, known as RFID Journal Radio. The 30-minute show will be hosted by Mark Roberti, RFID Journal's founder and editor. Each episode will include interviews with various experts on radio frequency identification, and Roberti and his guest will take listeners' questions live on the air.

In the first episode, airing on Friday, Mar. 11, 2011, at 2 pm EST, Roberti will interview Pankaj Sood, founder of McMaster University's RFID Applications Lab. Sood has been involved in a number of RFID implementations, including those involving Bombardier Transportation, as well as various hospitals. During the interview, Sood will discuss those projects, in addition to his current doctoral research on the business value of information, being conducted at Cambridge University, in England. Additionally, he will take listener questions about RFID's use in retail, health care, transportation and other sectors.

On Friday, Mar. 18, Roberti will interview Jamshed Dubash, the former head of the RFID programs at Gillette and Proctor & Gamble. Dubash is a seasoned business-development executive with experience at various RFID companies, and also as a consultant who has helped end users sort out how to deploy RFID successfully. (Currently, he is the COO of Petari, an early-stage startup fabless semiconductor firm focused on enabling high-value and low-cost RFID and cellular solutions in the broader machine-to-machine space.) Dubash will discuss why he believes RFID has so far failed to take off in the consumer packaged goods sector, as well as where he sees adoption now occurring, which technologies on the market or on the horizon will accelerate adoption, and what are the common mistakes businesses make when deploying RFID.

"A growing number of questions are being submitted to our Ask the Experts forum, so it seemed like starting a radio show, during which listeners could ask questions, would be valued by our readers," Roberti explains. "We hope people will tune in for a weekly dose of spirited discussion.

Subsequent episodes will air each Friday at 2 pm ET. Future topics on the agenda will include RFID-enhanced social networking, a preview of the upcoming RFID Journal LIVE! 2011 conference and exhibition (taking place in Orlando, Fla., on Apr. 12-14), and privacy and security issues. Additional information is available at the RFID Journal Radio Web site.