RFID Journal Announces Lineup for ‘RFID in Construction’ Online Event

By Admin

The virtual event, to be held on Sept. 1, is aimed at educating the construction industry on how and where RFID can improve the way they do business.


RFID Journal has announced the lineup for its RFID in Construction virtual event. Created in partnership with FIATECH—a consortium of industries and companies that build large refineries, power plants, commercial buildings or manufacturing facilities—the online event will be held 10 am to 1 pm EDT on Sept. 1, 2009, and will feature the following presenters:

• Ed Koch, automation specialist and software product manager at Bechtel

• Francis Rabuck, director of Bentley Systems‘ Intelligent Infrastructure Lab

• Daniel Slade, manager of construction automation for Jacobs Engineering Group

• Todd Sutton, a business unit manager at Zachry Construction

• Ian Glendinning, information risk management consultant for DNV

• Pat King, leader and founder of Technologies ROI

• Mark Roberti, RFID Journal‘s founder and editor

Similar to webinars, RFID Journal‘s virtual events are designed to offer objective subject-matter experts and thought leaders presenting the latest information regarding business and technology issues related to the use of RFID. Each event is composed of multiple presentations, and all are free. Attendees can choose to participate in the entire event, or just the particular sessions they prefer.

“This new partnership between RFID Journal and FIATECH is an extraordinary opportunity to add even more value to RFID Journal readers, FIATECH members and the industry,” says Richard Jackson, FIATECH’s director. “The partnership will allow both organizations to do more and share more with the industry about what is really going on with RFID. It’s very exciting, and I look forward to many years of working together.”

During the RFID in Construction virtual event, presenters will offer real-world case studies addressing such technology issues as how to ensure tag reads on metal components, tools and machines. What’s more, attendees will be brought up to date regarding the RFID standards being used in the construction industry.

“We’re extremely pleased to partner with FIATECH to provide valuable information on how RFID technology can be employed to improve operations in the construction sector,” says Roberti. “FIATECH has been coordinating RFID pilots for several years, and has assembled speakers who can speak with the authority of having conducted real-world RFID implementations in the construction industry.”