RFID in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

By Bob Violino

RFID can greatly improve efficiencies for drug makers. Here's how it can be used in three critical areas.

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Asset and product tracking to boost efficiency

and reduce labor costs

• Track raw materials and work-in-process inventory through the manufacturing and

quality-assurance process

• Track equipment and reusable assets

• Verify that correct materials are used to make each product

• Ensure that oldest materials are used first

Improved manufacturing processes and compliance

• Monitor environmental conditions of components

• Automate data collection for documentation needed to comply with government regulations

• Alert managers about process problems and conduct process analysis

• Identify batches affected by problems

• Confirm proper product labeling

• Support technology that analyzes manufacturing processes by identifying specific batches and associating them with specific equipment and settings.


• Control access to production equipment and systems

Source: IBM Business Consulting