RFID Global Solution Presents Visi-Trac™ Materials Management for the Construction Industry

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Visi-Trac™ delivers accuracy and efficiency to construction sites.


About RFID Global Solution

RFID Global Solution, Inc. is the leading provider of automated materials management for the Construction Industry. Site managers and foremen depend on Visi-Trac™ to better manage worker productivity, safety and reduce material expenditures and cost overruns.

About Visi-Trac™
Construction sites can cover several square miles. Truckloads of materials costing hundreds of thousands of dollars are entering and leaving work sites daily. Managing a myriad of labor categories down to the hour is key to achieving efficiency in managing labor costs. Understanding the schedule and cost impacts of work order requests enables better work order management, materials tracking and productivity.

The construction environment is challenging to automate. However, leveraging the latest in location-aware technologies, Visi-Trac™ delivers accuracy and efficiency without human intervention. Worker safety is improved through real-time awareness of compliance with OSHA safety standards.

Visi-Trac™ provides value by:
• Managing materials and work orders
• Tracking labor costs
• Forecasting material and resource availability
• Automating inspection status
• Visualizing Asset Location and status
• Improving worker safety
• Realizing greater billing accuracy and cost savings

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