RFID User Authentication and Access Control in Industrial Automation: What You Need to Know

Authenticating and authorizing the personnel who operate, update and maintain manufacturing systems in industrial automation applications is typically accomplished using magnetic stripe cards, smart cards, RFID cards, PIN pads and/or key switches. User authentication and authorization solutions for accessing industrial automation equipment in factories must be easy to use, flexible, durable and secure, and they must stand up well to environmental elements.

In this white paper, ELATEC explains why RFID card systems can address these application requirements better than other methods, as well as why they are the most widely used form of identity authentication and access control. One of the essential benefits of RFID identity authentication and access control is that it is easy and convenient to use. RFID cards are touchless, and a user only needs to wave a card within a few inches of a reader for it to be interrogated.

RFID readers can be used throughout an organizational ecosystem for multipurpose authentication with existing employee building-entry ID cards, adding functionality like time-based access control, access to manufacturing processes and hazardous areas. Additionally, RFID readers can often read from and write to more than one type of card. This document explains the benefits of using RFID card systems, how RFID authentication and access control works in industrial automation applications, application considerations for RFID system selection, and more (6 pages).

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