Five Ways RFID Readers Can Secure Your Marketplace

Every component of a security system, including an RFID reader, serves a vital role in workplace security, and a chain of protection is only as strong as its weakest link. Thus, choosing the right RFID reader for any application is a basic consideration to ensure that reader functionality promotes overall security. RFID is a simple, secure and convenient access-control solution for end users and original equipment manufacturers. RFID readers are available in numerous devices requiring user authentication, authorization and access control, ranging from doors to multifunction printers to point-of-sale terminals to computers and more. RFID reader-writers come with a broad range of form factors, capabilities and configurations. This technology report, commissioned by ELATEC from editor Larry Anderson, discusses applications related to facility security and physical access control. The author highlights five ways in which choosing the right RFID reader technology can promote workplace security. (8 pages)

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