Advantages of Wireless Human-Machine Interfaces for Industrial Automation

While most of today’s consumer products offer enhanced connectivity and a more immersive user experience via innovative human-machine interface (HMI) designs, industrial products continue to employ physical interfaces that rely on small displays or simple LEDs. If a device features local connectivity, it is typically implemented using cables and physical connectors. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Companies have a great opportunity to improve the user experience of their industrial products, and to gain a competitive advantage, by transforming the way customers interact with their products and how those systems are interconnected.

Silicon Labs’ free white paper addresses key considerations, including:

  • How Bluetooth offers a superior user experience
  • How removing physical connections can deliver cost savings
  • How moving to wireless interfaces improves future-proofing\
  • How reducing the number of electromechanical devices improves reliability

You’ll learn key Bluetooth connectivity design considerations, how to enable mobile phones to control industrial equipment and much more.