How Can I Track Assets and Babies Using the Same RFID System?

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Ask The ExpertsHow Can I Track Assets and Babies Using the Same RFID System?
RFID Journal Staff asked 13 years ago

I'm looking for an asset-tracking system that also has an infant-monitoring feature. Is such a solution available on the market?

—Name withheld


Visonic Technologies offers a real-time location system (RTLS) with an infant-tracking function (see RFID Roundup: Visonic Technologies Launches New Active RFID/RTLS Reusable Tag).

GuardRFID's tag family includes not only reusable umbilical tags for use with infants, but also tags for tracking adult patients, personnel and assets; all the tags are battery-powered and operate at 433 MHz (see RFID News Roundup: GuardRFID Ships New One-year Umbilical Tag for TotGuard). This week, at RFID Journal LIVE! 2011, the company announced its new 433 MHz active RFID Staff Tag (see RFID News Roundup: GuardRFID Unveils Active Staff Tag for RTLS).

Most RTLS solutions, of course, can do the job. All that is required is to place a transponder in a tamper-proof strap that can then be attached to an infant's ankle.

Some vendors offer infant-protection solutions that work with technologies that are not necessarily real-time location systems. For instance, RF Technologies has a dual-frequency infant-tracking solution (see Tamper-Resistant RFID Infant-Tracking System Improves Security), and Intelleflex has a system that employs a battery-assisted tag. There are also systems that only perform baby-tracking functions, such as those from Babywatch and Envision.

I hope this information proves helpful.

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

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