Have Any Deployments Utilized RFID to Prevent Unauthorized LPG Refilling?

By RFID Journal

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Ask The ExpertsHave Any Deployments Utilized RFID to Prevent Unauthorized LPG Refilling?
RFID Journal Staff asked 6 years ago

Do you know of any company that has been able to mitigate illegal refilling of liquefied petroleum gas? I have a prospective client that wants to stop dubious middlemen from refilling his gas cylinders and then supplying the market. I am looking for an RFID solution that can only be used by the manufacturer to refill its cylinders. That is, a gas cylinder has an nozzle that can only be opened or refilled by a key card that the manufacturer has, and it shows which manufacturer last filled that cylinder. This will cut out the illegal refillers since the cylinders will not open the nozzles for refilling if one does not possess the correct key card. Do you know of an RFID solution like this?




We have written about fueling stations using RFID to reduce fraudulent fill-ups (see Love's Tries RFID for Automating Fuel Payments), and about othiers tracking gas containers via RFID (see Love's Tries RFID for Automating Fuel Payments. Gas Manufacturer Fills Up More Often With RFID, 15x More Efficient: Tracking Propane Containers with RFID, and RFID to Ensure Safe Refueling of Natural Gas Vehicles). But I have not seen a deployment that uses the technology to prevent unauthorized LPG refilling. To accomplish this, you would need to develop a lock for an LPG system and add an RFID component. The LPG company would then give authorized users RFID key fobs or cards that would allow them to unlock and refill the containers.

—Mark Roberti, Founder and Editor, RFID Journal

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