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Pharmaceutical Expert Views

  • Checking Services

    A new GS1 standard will make it cost-efficient for retail pharmacies and distributors to verify e-pedigree data.

  • A New Approach to Pharmaceutical E-Pedigrees

    EPCIS can support chain-of-custody verification—without a cumbersome data burden.

  • The Value of Partnerships

    Hiring a systems integrator that is invested in your company's goals will help ensure the success of your RFID deployment.

  • Toward a Cheap Sensor Tag

    The transformation of a technology negative into a positive could make it affordable to monitor the condition of many products and things.

  • Protecting EPC Tags

    In the short term, companies could use a transponder ID written to every microchip to ensure the authenticity of an EPC tag.

  • Dutch RFID Interference Study Is a Worst-Case Test

    A recent study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association is not in line with the reality of most current hospital RFID deployments.

  • Opening Up the Network

    Open-source simulation software will enable the RFID community to help develop and learn to use the Internet of Things.

  • The Shift to Value Up Front

    Over the past year, various RFID middleware vendors have turned to offering sharply focused applications that provide immediate payback to end users.

  • Return on Innovation

    Return on investment is not the only way to calculate the value of RFID.

  • Enabling Remote Health-care Applications With RFID

    Radio frequency identification could offer an affordable way to serve the medical needs of the world's growing elderly population.

  • Keeping Bogus Drugs Out of the Medicine Cabinet

    A number of factors are conspiring to significantly increase the potential for counterfeit drugs to wind up in our homes.

  • It's Not That Simple

    Don't blame the FDA for not imposing mandates to speed up RFID's adoption in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • E-Pedigree's Evolution

    Recent legislative initiatives, technological advances and the financial benefits of electronic pedigrees have engendered a new willingness by pharmaceutical companies to utilize RFID in their battles against counterfeit drugs.

  • An RFID Tag Data Security Infrastructure Approach for Items

    When used in conjunction with item-level tagging of drugs and other products, TDSI can protect consumer privacy while raising confidence that customers are getting genuine goods.

  • Pharma to Pioneer Item-level Tracking

    The pharmaceutical industry will significantly influence how the RFID industry addresses item-level tracking and high-compliance applications on a global scale.

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