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RTLS Solution Targets Everything from Forklift Operators to Babies

Litum not only has expertise in RTLS technology in industrial settings but in healthcare, serving both verticals with a single platform. The company’s 6.1 release comes with about 20 new…

News June 25
Merck Animal Health Biomark RFID

RFID Tracks Salmon Reintroduced in Columbia River

Biomark has provided RFID tags embedded in Chinook salmon and readers and antennas along dams and the Columbia Riverbed The data will help a group of tribes, government agencies and…

News June 24
Rubin Press Webinar

Xemelgo’s Rubin Press to be a Panelist on RFID Journal’s Webinar Focused on WIP Tracking

RFIDJournal.com will be hosting a webinar on July 10 focused on how work-in-progress (WIP) tracking is currently being used in manufacturing. Titled “Revolutionizing Manufacturing: Leveraging RFID for Real-Time WIP Tracking…

News June 24